You Are A Loser And Your Ex Thinks You’re Ugly (2011)

narrative short film - 4min15sec - writer / director / editor

Dale is a really great guy. But after his girlfriend breaks up with him, he descends into a daze of dietary and hygienic disarray. Dale’s insecurity flares when he sees his ex flirting with another boy only days after their breakup. Soon after, this ‘other guy’ unexpectedly arrives at Dale’s front door, thrusting Dale into a nightmare confrontation with a new rival and his own inner demons.

Fire Response in Academic Buildings (2011) 

instructional video - 8min50sec - writer / director / editor

First installment of Swarthmore College’s Fire Safety Series, covering fire prevention and response on campus. Commissioned by Swarthmore College Building Services.

Toast (2011)

class exercise - 2min11sec - writer / director / editor

Assignment for my Advanced Video Production class in which we were to reveal a person’s character through the way he or she ate breakfast. 

Externship Etiquette 101 (2010)

instructional video - 16min27sec - writer / director / editor 

An orientation video that introduces students to Swarthmore College’s winter internship program. It addresses guidelines for appropriate behavior based on the experiences of past participants. Commissioned by Swarthmore College Career Services.

Twilight: New Room (2010) 

parody skit - 3min08sec - director / editor

Excerpt from Swarthmore College’s 2010 Orientation Play. Phil imagines what it would be like sharing a gender-neutral dorm room with a female roommate.